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Sac-Anime is approaching...

About 12 days until Sac-Anime '07 starts. Woot!
I'm still cosplaying as Kaname Chidori and Akito/Agito.
Anime Vegas is up in the air. =[ (Darn my mom not liking cons).
I'm still going to Hawaii in August.
I'm still attending Global Youth Charter High School in August.
My birthday, is still in August. haha.
College classes during the summer is brutal and stressful.
Skip's Stairway to Stardom is stressful(especially when the guys wait 'till the last minute to figure out the practice time). I go in for another practice today; hopefully we will at least start working on lyrics and the second song. If I write lyrics, the guys will probably think I'm emo. haha.
Hmm...I finally watched Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid Volume 2. Yes, I am way behind on my anime. I still need to watch Black Cat, in English. I'm stressing out over the schedule for Sac-Anime...They still do not have a schedule up yet! >_< I still need to get a wig and eyepatch for the Akito/Agito cosplay. I really want school to end. I really want to go to Anime Expo, but I have Skip's Stairway to Stardom to work on. Someday, I'll take that voice over workshop class with my dad. I'm still working on the fanart for Spike Spencer, Crispin Freeman and Chris Patton. Chris Patton will have the fanart with the most characters on them because I have seen more of his work than Crispin and Spike. Why is everyone obsessed with yaoi? What is so great about The Melancholy of Haruhi and Ouran High School Host Club? I was bored on Friday, so I drew a pic of Ayato Kamina. He's fun to draw. I also drew a few characters from Nurse Witch Komugi and BASToF Syndrome.

I had another dream about Edmund the vampire. This time, Michael had a key to take you to any anime world he wanted. I ended up in Chrono Crusade, Air Gear and Trinity Blood. Fun, fun. The pony head guy from Fumoffu popped out of nowhere and so did Fai/Fay. His hair is fun to play with. The dream was like Excel Saga. There's always a mission to fulfill. But, it never gets fulfilled. And the city always ends up in ruins. Though, I don't die, so that's good.

I can't believe I'll be seventeen next month...gosh I want my schooling to end.=[ Someday, I'll get back into doing theater. Friday, I had a FMP Fumoffu and Ghost Stories marathon with my dad. I haven't been to any concerts in a while, mainly because school keeps me busy, and my dad is busy with his class. I've been sick all week, too. Vomitting every second isn't fun. Also, my cat is sick...we think she is dying. We aren't taking her to a vet because they charge way too much for things.

I am so happy that ADV Films has Innocent Venus, Welcome to the NHK, and Xenosaga. Those are really great animes. I'm sad that they didn't get Death Note...I think Vic should do the voice of that little grey guy that pops up every once in a while, and at the ending credits of Welcome to the NHK. haha And for Greg Ayres to voice Chaos in Xenosaga.

I hope Sac-Anime can get Kyle Hebert, Vic Mignogna, Blake Shepard, Clint Bickham, Liam O'Brien, Greg Ayres, Monica Rial, and just any voice actor to be invited. Gosh I am so unhappy that I'll be missing a whole lot of Sac-Anime because I have to watch the other bands perform and I have band practice. >_< Bleh! My band isn't even motivated to win. Espcecially our drummer. Anyways...I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Happy early Fourth of July! =]
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Agito Wanijima

Deranged Dreams


A few days ago, I went to sleep right after watching a 1408 movie trailer. In my dream, this one person (the bad guy) would pop up everywhere but he would be disguised as someone I knew. The bad guy has shape-shifting abilities. He then would kill people that I knew or liked; that includes random anime characters, characters from t.v., and even my friends. (Can't I have one dream where people aren't dying?)
Yeah, no idea what this one was about.

Another one was from after watching "Slither" on HBO. People all across town were dying from something eating them from the inside out. They would eat something (I don't remember what) and the worm like creatures would get into your body and eat it from the inside out. Though, my dad says there is already something similar to that in real life.

The last dream was from last night. I just finished watching "Air Gear" Volume 3 for the seventh time. A guy and I were in a fight (over heck knows what), and we kept on fighting each other for a few hours. Another guy randomly pops out of nowhere and the guy I was fighting then chops the guy's head off. I look around me and I seem to be at a summer camp, and I; for some reason, run over to the dead body and cry. The guy I was fighting then stuffs the butched knife down the dead guy's throat (blade first. yes, one of those wide blade knives). The head then starts choking...the choking lasts for quite a while then I wake up crying. My dreams are weird, I never understand them. Most of the time they are unusual and supernatural related.
Haha, my mind is weird.
Agito Wanijima

New Cosplay!

Yes, it's true. I have decided to cosplay as another character; Akito/Agito Wanijima from "Air Gear."

For some reason, I've developed a huge obsession over this show. Kazu and Akito/Agito are my favorite characters. (Yay Clint Bickham and Blake Shepard).

Truthfully, I use to dislike Blake, but that's because everytime I'd watch an anime that has a character voiced by Braden Hunt...a few episodes later, Blake would be doing to the voice of that character. I do not dislike Blake anymore. I think he is a wonderful voice actor. =]
Plus, Braden is probably busy with all of that theatre work that he is involved with. Well, him and John Gremillion.

Soo, yeah. I'm still deciding which outfit I want to make. The Kogarasumaru black outfit, or his normal orange outfit...

My goal is usually to be the only person cosplaying as a character, and I prefer to cosplay as characters from anime that most people have not heard of.

I'll still be cosplaying as Kaname Chidori, but I think I'll have my Akito/Agito costume done by July 13th. Who knows? But, it'll definitely be done by Anime Vegas.
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Agito Wanijima

I felt like writing about this.

Soooo...since it is the summer time, I usually watch a whole lot more t.v. than I usually do.
Today, I was eating lunch and turned on the t.v. It popped up on "Gilmore Girls" which has Milo Ventimiglia as Jess (also Peter Petrelli on "Heroes") and Jared Padalecki as Dean (also Sam Winchester on "Supernatural"). Also, House of Wax was on not long ago; again, Jared. Rocky Balboa, Milo as Rocky's son. They both have that saggy lip thing. Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura), I saw him on Goldmember and "Scrubs" not long ago. Hayden Penettiere (Claire Bennet/Petrelli), saw her on Joe Somebody (I love that movie), Ice Princess, Racing Stripes (I can't help but laugh at that title), and of course, Kairi from "Kingdom Hearts I/II." Eric Roberts (Thompson on "Heroes") is Emma Roberts daughter. She plays Nancy Drew in the new movie. When did Nancy Drew become all girly-girl?! Greg Grunberg/Grunny (Matt Parkman), I remember him from "Alias" as Eric Weiss. He was on Malibu's Most Wanted, too. "The Jake Effect" and Mission Impossible III. Ali Larter (Niki/Jessica Sanders), I saw her on Legally Blonde. "Lyposuction!!" haha. Leonard Roberts (D.L. Hawkins)I remember him from Drumline (yeah, my mom rented it and I had to watch the rest of it for her since she fell asleep. Such a boring movie). It's funny, I was watching a re-run of "24" a few Saturday's ago and saw Leonard Roberts and Zachary Quinto in the same episode! But, sadly, Leonard died fairly quickly. Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli), married to Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks. ewww. But, he played Caleb in Near Dark. Back when I had Showtime, I use to watch that movie all the time. Adrian with guy-liner on! Haha, but no, the movie is pretty cool though very old. And, it deals with vampires! (The President is a vampire!) j/k. He was also in Top Gun as Chipper, and was on "Desperate Housewives."

Noah Cabey-Gray (Micah Sanders), how can anyone forget this cute kid from "My Wife and Kids"? And the fact that he is an amazing pianist! George Takei (Kaito Nakamura) Kaito means phantom...supposedly from what I remember. haha. Of course, it's Zulu! An awesome character. Christopher Eccleston (Claude Raines)I remember him as the Doctor from "Doctor Who." He was the Doctor throughout the first season. The second season, they brought in David Tennant, a much younger and cuter Doctor. But still, Mr. Eccleston was a fine Doctor. Erick Avari (Chandra Suresh), I flipped out when I saw him in "Six Months Ago." He played Cecil in Mr.Deeds! He was also in Planet of the Apes. The new re-make. Stargate/SG-1, Encino Man, "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Malcolm McDowell (Linderman), he's practically everywhere. I mainly remember him from "Gangster No.1" (the title can be flipped around). Bill Fagerbakke (Gustafason) he's the voice of Patrick Star of "Spongebob Squarepants." and Dauber from "Coach"! I can keep going on about each actor. But, I'll end with Zachary Quinto (Gabriel Gray/Sylar). He was Adam Kaufman on "24." He helped Jack save the world. Weird...if anyone watched "So NoTORIous" on VH1 last year (I did), you might recognize him as Sasan, Tori's hilarious gay best friend (gbff). I saw him on CSI a few weeks ago, "Off Centre", "Charmed" (my dad and I were laughing so much on this episode) "He's getting attacked by cats!" Hmmm...maybe Sylar's weakness is cats? When I first started watching "Heroes" again (back in April), The next morning before I went to school, they had on the Hallmark station "Touched by an Angel." I was watching it just because I never have seen the show before. Then, right at the begining a young Zachary comes popping in as Michael. He'll be in "Crossing Jordan" on Monday. Haha, I remember him from an episode of Lizzie McGuire (I use to love this show, back when Hilary was an okay person).

But..yeah. Casino Royale was actually a good movie. o.O No cheesy lines! Daniel Craig...Lara Croft (the movie), A Kid in King Arthur's Court, Road to Perdition (I first heard that Mr.Craig was going to be James Bond and shouted "Mom! That's that bad guy from Road to Perdition!!! The one who killed Tom Hank's character's kid and wife! Remember, we saw a guy who looked like him in Hawaii?" Yeah...but I still think that Daniel is a bit old. Though, 39 doesn't seem to be that old anymore. He played a bi guy in Enduring Love. (What is with all these gay and bi movies everywhere? I don't mind them, just they all of a sudden are sprouting like wild fire.)Plus, my mom thinks his eyes are the bluest eyes ever. He was also in Munich, and will be Lucifer in I, Lucifer and will be playing Bond, again in Bond 22. Jeez, these actors are busy. Bond 22 will be out next year. He needs to keep his shirt on. He's always taking his shirt off in movies.

But, I'm very excited to know who is playing who in Star Trek XI?
Matt Damon as Kirk?!?! WHY?! Good think they do not have the cast set yet. I surely do not think Matt Damon and Adrien Brody will make a good Kirk and Spock. Zachary Quinto as Spock!!! Gosh! And the idea that they want the movie to be more attracted to the non-Trekkers. That's dumb, there are so many Trekkers out there! Buut, w/e. We just have to wait till Christmas 2008.

Also, I finally finished my Kaname cosplay outfit. =]
I just need to find a blue wig...
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Agito Wanijima

Officially off the deep-end.

Soooooooooooooo, I've basically have been doing way too much homework. I'm cutting down from four classes to three classes this summer so I can focus more on the Skip's Stairway to Stardom thing and because I'm going to Hawaii (again).

I've been bit busy with trying to job shadow someone in the biomedical field. Bleh...I hate it. I'll be job shadowing my orthodontist; it's the easy way out. Also, I've been looking for colleges that I want to attend. Carnigie (sp?) Mellon sounds good. For the past three years they have been sending me things about going to that school. But, Pennsylvania is a bit far and a bit expensive. UCDavis, UOP, CSU San Luis Obispo, CSUS, UC San Diego, CSU Long Beach, Chico, and many more are on my list. Mostly, UC Davis. Gosh I need to look for more scholarships. Apparently I have a 4.00 in high school. Well, I only had Government last semester so that's pretty easy to get an "A" in.

I'm still watching too much of the Research Channel and too much Star Trek. I scare my dad every weekend because they show Gilmore Girls, 24, and Heroes re-runs. My dad would say, "It's saggy-lip boy!" Or "It's your favorite bushy-eyebrowed, hopefully young Spock, Sylar, gay guy!" dad always makes fun of the actors and band guys I like. He thinks everyone is gay! haha! It's a joke. He can't stand it when guys are a little bit feminine. =[ But, whatever.

My bass audition is tomorrow and I'm sooo nervous. =[ I hope I do well.

I'm thinking of writing down my dreams in this livejournal (yes, someone already does that but I feel like doing it, too). My dreams are always weird and I always wanted to turn one into a book or movie. I'll start writing down the old ones first.

I hope everyone is having a wicked day!

Agito Wanijima

I really should check this thing more often...

So, it's been about six months since I have actually posted anything in a while. Sad...
So, turns out, I didn't go to Anime Vegas last year due to my mom not liking me going to conventions. Though, I'm going to Sac Anime in July-where I'll finally meet Chris Patton, Crispin Freeman, Spike Spencer, and Patrick Seitz! Woot! I'll be cosplaying as Kaname Chidori for one or two days. I'll be missing Saturday because I signed up for Skip's Stairway to Stardom where I'll be playing bass in one of the bands they put me into! I have no experience in writing I hope that's okay. I think I'm going to be there Friday and Sunday. I'll try to be there to see PLID perform on Sunday...Also! I'll be attending Anime Vegas this year! I really hope to meet new and the same voice actors from last time. I really hope Sonny Strait attends this year. He seems like a really nice guy, he too plays bass, and he's a great voice actor!

I just watched the first DVD of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles...yeah, I'm slow on watching anime. It was pretty good. I've always loved Cardcaptor Sakura and Fai is absolutely adorable! Good job to the people who worked on that anime. I've also seen Princess Tutu...a bit too girly for my taste...
Shin Chan is awesome! So is Kodocha and Air Gear!

I've turned back to music and still am attending a lot of shows and making new friends. =] I'm also attending Warped Tour this year. Though, I'm not sure if I'm going to the one is Sacramento or Mountain View...

I've recently started watching "Heroes" again. I absolutely love this show! If you're having a conversation with me; I'll most likely talk about the show. I'm obsessed...especially with Sylar/Gabriel Gray..the actor Zachary John Quinto who turned thirty on June 2nd. =] I keep seeing him's starting to annoy my dad. He's on "Touched by an Angel," "CSI," "24," "So NoTORIous," and a whole lot of other shows he's played extras in. He's stalking me through his shows. Though, I would not mind meeting him; he's supposedly really nice and he attended Carnegie Mellon! I kind of want to go to that school and they keep sending me packages wanting me to attend.

So yes...I'm a big Sylar fan. I use my Facebook account to roleplay with "Heroes" characters. Sylar isn't a bad guy, just misunderstood and his mom wasn't very supportive of him.

Has anyone noticed that they are showing a lot of animes on TV?
And there are too many animated movies...about animals and just redo's of crap.

School has been sucking lately. The dean of a college does not like me because she hates my high school and she hates it when people stand up for what they believe in. So, I've been kicked out of ARC until next Spring...but I'm still attending Sierra. And, teachers haven't been liking me either....and I've changed my career choice. I want to work in the biomedical field doing research. Yeah..awesome job! And, I've been watching this Research Channel that has nothing but biomedical stuff on it! It's great, only problem..the programs are a few years too old. It's just really hard to job shadow anyone in the field. I have to have a Ph.D. already or be! So, I'm job shadowing my orthodontist. He's pretty rad. Though, I still want to be an anime artist, voice actor along with my dad (he tried, but the agencies didn't like him. we are going to take a voice class sometime soon), and I want to be in a band. So...yeah...

Dean R. Koontz is an awesome author! Peep Show is a really funny British show.
And Zachary Quinto should play Spock in Star Trek XI. =] Support local music!
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Agito Wanijima

Bleh and Such

So yeah, it's been about three months since I have written on here.
But, I think things are going to change...
I'll probably be going on here a lot more since I'm so bored all the time. Though, I'm not really bored when I go to concerts. Yeah yeah yeah, I attend way too many shows. That's not true! No one can attend too many shows.
Especially when the bands are really awesome. I'm still practicing my bass guitar. I know, I'm not that good. I can play songs and stuff, but I can never think of my own material. I'll work on that. What really sucks is that my teachers for the past semester have been really horrible. My pre-calc teacher failed the whole class because he felt like it, my english and history classes I didn't do well because the teachers blocked me from logging onto blackboard and I couldn't turn in my final. Gosh I hate these teachers. At least I did really well in high school, though those classes were way too easy. Physics was awesome and I did pretty well in that class. Yay!

I have such bad luck with teachers in school. Mostly at Sierra and in math classes. But, we all must get on with our lives.

I just hope I can find a band to play with. It's cool and all playing with a kind of duo thing with my dad, but I want to play in a band with kids my own age. And yes, you guess it, a band where all the other people are guys.
So, yes, I do like a few bands with girls in them. Silversun Pickups, The Forecast, Meg & Dia, The Subways, and Stefy.

It sucks not really having good friends. They are friends, but not one's that I could trust anything with. I talk to bandmembers more than the kids from my schools. I enjoy being a loner and the silent girl. I'm fine with that. I've been told I am a very nice person...then, how come I can never find good friends?
I make new friends, and then they backstab me or something similar. I even lose friends after taking them to these shows. I just want a good friend that I could trust. And people, I am not emo!

I've gotten into so many new bands and I've made friends with the bandmembers. It would be so cool if I could hangout with them like friends do. Yeah...hopefully I'll do well in the Skip's Music Battle of the Bands.
Yep, I like a lot of alternative rock bands from now-a-days, not so much from the past decades. I do like a few bands from the years past.

I really should write a book or an anime about my life. It would be lots of fun and full of comedy of course. But, also the seriousness of school and crappy friendships. Well, probably a lot more dark humour. Such as Hellsing. This is getting a bit long, soooo I'll end this entry and write more later. Maybe a bit of what my storyline will be like. Who knows? Happy Belated Holidays everyone! And Happy New Years!
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Agito Wanijima


Sooo. It's been almost a year since my last entry. I've been pretty busy with high school and college. Especially since I am taking four college courses. Physics A, Pre-Calculus, English 1B, and Western Civilization. What fun...High school is boring. I'm now going to a charter school filled with kids who did not do well in high school. I'm just there for the free college courses, and so I can graduate from high school early. And I just have to take two classes in high school. Quite awesome. I went to see Lostprophets on Monday night. Very awesome show. And, I'll be seeing Amber Pacific this Saturday. I'm still playing bass guitar, and am finally going to take a theater class. Huzzah!!!!
I hope everyone is doing good. Especially since tonight was the premier of the second season of Supernatural. Yes!!! My obsessions are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Kind of hard to get away from them when they are on every tv show and movie that is on tv. >.> I e-mailed these people and I received an autographed photo of Jensen in the mail! How awesome is that?!
Trinity Blood is the only anime I've been watching on tv. I saw the whole season in Japanese last year, and the English dub is way rad.
Anyway, I have to get back to schoolwork. See-ya'll around.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Yeah, I know...I haven't been on for so long, but now I finally have time to once in a while update my LJ. Just too much darn homework from college and high school. I hope everyone is have a great day and Happy St. Valentine's Day to you all! ^_^
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Belated Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

It's been a while since I have updated. Eventhough I do have a two week break off school, I still do not have the time to update my journal. But now I will, because I will have less classes in high school that I have to take. Anyway, I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year. My Christmas was great. I had a family gathering and we all got along for once. I got so many plushies, posters, calendars, and a three piece katana set. I also got the Spiral, Peacemaker, Chrono Crusade, and DN Angel DVD sets. And today, on New Years, I feel as if I am going deaf with all of the poppers that my parents and I set off. I hope 2006 is a great year for everyone. Merry New Year everyone.