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roy_rules's Journal

Katsume Murasaki
15 August 1990
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(Roy Mustang is awesome, but roy_rules means that my friend, Roy, rules. Not the alchemist. haha)
Hello there, my name is Katsume. Though, most of you may know me as Kristina.
There's not much to tell about myself. I'm a loner, geek, nerd, and yeah. I love playing my bass guitar and going to rock concerts. I like anime and alternative rock music. Anime's are awesome, but they must be made in Japan and by Japanese people. Those are the really good animes.

Hmm...I love taking pictures at concerts and hanging with the bandmembers. Yeah, I never go to shows with friends, one is because I don't really have any friends and two, is because the friends I do have hate the music I listen to.

I'm a huge "Heroes" fan. Also, my new obsession of anime is "Air Gear." Kazu and Akito/Agito are my favorite characters. =}
Sooo, if you're into anime, music, or some sort of sci-fi kind of thing, I'd love to chat!
My new favorite oldies sci-fi show is Star-Trek! When Spock and Bones were on. The only other good one were the one's with Patrick Stuart. I also like Star Wars.
Also, I'm up to chatting about theories about shows. I tend to analyze shows a bit too much. That's why I got over "Supernatural."

Yep, I hope you all have a wonderous day!

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♥ Saiyuki is Love ♥

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